California Legislative Update: Key Bills Await Governor's Action

Now that the August 31 legislative deadline to pass items off the Floor has come and gone, the focus is on the Governor’s Office and its attendant veto power. With a constitutional deadline of September 30 to sign or veto all bills passed by the Legislature and in the Governor’s possession by or after September 1, Governor Brown has just 15 days left to make some very weighty decisions.

In this informative slide show Hector Amezcua of the Sacramento Bee highlights 25 key bills that survived the legislative process and made their way to the Governor, including bills pertaining to:

  • mandatory employer paid sick leave,

  • groundwater management,

  • a ban on plastic bags,

  • more stringent ethics laws,

  • several gun control laws,

  • bi-lingual education,

  • sexual assault, including a hotly debated “affirmative consent” standard on college campuses,

  • seafood labeling,

  • labor unions,

  • drone surveillance,

  • changes to the initiative process, and

  • drug sentencing.

These 25 measures are just a sample of hundreds still in queue for signature or veto. This year, the Legislature sent an abundance of bills through to the Governor’s desk, with many weighty and hotly debated issues. Viewed against the backdrop of a looming November election and issues key to several critical voting blocs hanging in the balance, it will be interesting to see which items make the cut.

The Legislature is now adjourned for the remainder of the year and will reconvene to begin their work in earnest in January.

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Danielle Sanchez - California Legislative Update