WPSS consultants have extensive experience and knowledge of California's procurement process at all levels of government. We assist clients in developing procurement strategies and navigating solicitations and bids released by state and local governments. Our procurement services are a valuable resource to any entity seeking to provide services in California, including business new to governmental purchasing, established out-of-state companies seeking to break into the California market, and companies seeking to expand their geographical reach to other jurisdictions within California, at both the county and city levels of government.


Our procurement consulting services gives you access to trusted strategic advisors who:

  • Understand the regulations, laws, and nuances of California's solicitation process.

  • Have extensive knowledge of the procurement vehicles, evaluation criteria, and historical precedent in awards across the spectrum of state and local agencies.

  • Have developed a long-standing and trusted network of key decision makers in state and local government.

  • Have proven political savvy and unparalleled ability to connect you to the right decision maker and appropriate agency points of contact. 





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