Nick Warner Lobbyist, Managing Partner


Nick Warner has been working as a Sacramento lobbyist since 1992. Nick established Nick Warner & Associates in 1997, which evolved into Warner and Pank, LLC in 2007, and later to WPSS Group. Prior to founding the firm, Mr. Warner was an advocate for the California State Association of Counties. Nick is expert in the legislative process, state budget maneuvering and strategic state and local government procurement. The firm was founded and runs on a passion for public safety but has evolved its reach and considerable client list to include technology, health and human services, financial services, automotive industry and telecommunications interests. 


Mr. Warner leads a preeminent team of advisers at WPSS Group on matters involving state and local government policy, law, administrative and regulatory affairs and procurement services.  Nick is a sought after keynote speaker and leadership consultant. 


Nick earned a Bachelor's Degree from the University of California, Davis and a Master's Degree in Public Administration (Public Policy) from Golden Gate University, Sacramento. Nick has been a guest lecturer at the King School of Law (UC Davis) and most recently at the Goldman School of Public Policy (UC Berkeley), and San Diego State University.


Nick is married with two daughters. He is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys skiing, biking, running, boating, and watching and playing pretty much any sport under the sun.