Warner and Pank Advisors, Consultants, Advocates

Navigating the California budget process can be complex and tedious. WPSS has decades of experience working on California budget matters, working both within the Capitol and as outside counsel. We have strategic relationships with key fiscal decision makers in the Administration, Department of Finance, and State Legislature on both sides of the aisle and at all relevant levels of government.


Our team has established non-partisan credibility through advocates who are proven, reliable, tenacious, and solution-oriented. We seek to serve our clients in budget matters through the following capacities:



WPSS advocates are on the front line of budget actions in the Capitol, alerting the client to impending and emergent fiscal proposals that will have an impact on the way you do business. We identify potential problems and opportunities before it is too late to affect change, bringing perspective on the benefits and risks of possible scenarios so that you can make informed decisions.



When you have a problem, we find an answer. Our consultants are demonstrated problem solvers and among the best fiscal strategists in the business. When there is a fiscal concern, need, or opportunity facing your business we identify a solution and work with you to develop a strategic plan.



Whether the charge is obtaining additional funding, opposing cuts, protecting vital funding streams, developing budgetary solutions to vast and complex issues, assisting in agenda setting, or protecting the status-quo, WPSS has a proven history of delivering. We effectively navigate the complexities of the budget process with integrity, tenacity, and success.





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