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                PROVEN ADVISORS


To ensure our valued clients always receive the best guidance, the most direct access, and the best results from their business within the State of California, we employ the highest quality of advisors and skilled counsel at all levels of the firm. Our team is made up of experienced and proven successful advisors that serve our clients as legislative counsel, legislative advocates, and strategic consultants.


                     OUR MISSION 


Our mission is to craft synergistic solutions to guide public and private entities through their interactions with state and local government.  We achieve this by employing top level professional staff and fostering ongoing strategic partnerships.  In an effective and ethical manner, WPSS ensures our clients receive the best guidance and highest level of access within the state and local governments in California.



​We are experts in helping clients successfully maneuver the nuances of legislative, legal, and administrative bureaucracies. WPSS has a proven track record of success in providing strategic consulting services on statewide legislation, fiscal items, ballot initiatives, grant writing, and matters involving state and local government procurement and related business strategies in California.